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How is the space serving you? In what ways can it be better?

  • What would improve efficiency?

  • Does the current floorplan maximize the space you have?

How do your employees interact?

  • Do your employees do much collaborative work? Would bench style or conference table style seating facilitate that work?

  • Do your employees do much individual work that sometimes requires collaboration? Would traditional 8’ by 8’ cubicles along with informal group spaces facilitate that work?

How does your current space aid or inhibit your workflow?

  • Why does your company work the way it does? If the answer is “because that’s the way we’ve always done it,” this may be a good time to reevaluate that process.

What is your best option to improve your workspace in order to improve your performance?

  • Do you renovate your current space?

  • Expand into another part of your current building?

  • Relocate altogether?

Do your lease terms appropriately reflect the market? ABOUT A NEW SPACE Are occupying and paying for more space than you utilize on a daily basis? Are you bursting at the seams? Is it time to expand into a larger space? Does the location promote the brand image you wish to project? Are there certain amenities which would attract your company to move?

  • Would it be worth moving to a region with good school systems in order to attract or retain a skilled workforce?

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