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A sale-leaseback is a fancy term to provide financing outside of the traditional bank re-financing or second mortgage route by having a company sell its property to an investor, who simultaneously leases it back to the company.

Benefits to the seller

  • Retains complete control over facility and property operations.

  • Creates a quick means of cash liquidity in order to either pay down an existing mortgage, re-invest in the company, increase personnel, build a new facility or upgrade other areas of the business to increase profitability.

  • Secures a long-term expense model and reduces risk by having projected fixed lease payments as compared to a mortgage that may have floating interest rates.

How does this work?

WHPounds LLC will assist in determining the appropriate investor to purchase your property. An evaluation will be made by an independent appraiser. The selling price is typically 100% of Fair Market Value. The transaction time is typically 45-60 days from the date of the Agreement of Sale and is funded generally as cash, with no financing contingencies. Other factors that determine the lease price are: creditworthiness of the seller, lease term, location, quality and age of facility.

What is the relationship between the occupant to the investor after closing?

The occupant or lessee maintains complete and full control of the property for all operational and management issues. The lessee now pays the investor monthly rent as stated in the lease agreement. The investor will typically seek an initial term of at least 7-10 years, with extension options available. In the event that the lessee desires to purchase the building at some future date as described in the lease, the lease reverts from an operating to a capital lease structure.

What types of properties are targeted?

Generally, investors will consider all commercial types: office, warehouse, manufacturing and retail.

How can WHPounds Commercial Real Estate be of assistance to you?

Contact William Pounds as noted on the website for further information. Our company will provide the team to evaluate your needs. We will assemble the appropriate investors, independent appraiser, and other necessary professionals to determine the best outcome for you.

WHPounds has been in the Southern New Jersey commercial real estate market for over 30+ years with individuals having a wide range of experience to handle your needs.

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